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Production of tilapia and catfish

The main fish species farmed in Ghana are Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and African catfish (Clarias gariepinus). These are indigenous species.

Production of tilapia and catfish –  is one business that demands care and expertise. It takes a life cycle of about six months to get to maturity when fed adequately.


Production of Fish Feed

Locally sourced fish feed for both extensive and semi intensive farmers are a market need. Raanan Feeds (Indian company) which is one of the largest feed mills in Ghana, is responsible for 70 percent of total production. Some farmers may opt to import fish feed but it is estimated at a 30 percent increment after all import duties and charges, as opposed to the locally produced ones. Intensive farmers do invest in their own feed composition but for majority of the semi intensive and extensive farmers they are unable to do so. Raanan Feeds produces annually 25,000 tons of fish feed for Ghana and 5,000 tons for the sub- region.

It is currently running at its maximum and there is market for an additional 30,000 tons per year of local feed production. At the moment, Raanan Feeds has a monopoly in-market, but the introduction of another feed mill would promote competitive pricing of fish feed. As a result of the growing interest in fish farming in the country and the general demand for fish, R&B Farms intends to fill this supply gap with our products in the near future.

Training in Fish Farming

Local fish farmers, especially those from communities that rely on fish farming as a means of livelihood need training and capacity building to manage their ponds/cages effectively. Most farmers who run into difficulty abandon their cages mainly because their farms may have suffered from low productivity and low returns on investment.

Some farmers tend to adopt a trial and error strategies which lack direction. Training and education for the youth across the entire value chain; new fish farming methods, technology, harvesting, draining ponds, stocking cages and ponds and fish farm maintenance are key industry skill requirements. R&B Farms intends to fill this gap.