About R&B Farms:
Bridging Fish Demand,
Empowering Communities

Welcome to R&B Farms Limited, where our mission is to cater to the growing demand for Tilapia and Catfish, both locally in Ghana and on the international market. Situated in Nsuaem, Gomoa Central District, Central Region, our farm plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between fish demand and supply in Ghana, the wider West African region, and among African Diasporan Communities in North America and Europe.

At R&B Farms, we not only focus on meeting market needs but also prioritize empowering our local community by providing employment opportunities, particularly for youth and women.

Our strategic focus on farming both Tilapia and Catfish gives us a competitive edge, allowing us to diversify our product offerings and better serve our customers. Furthermore, we aim to address deficits in fish feed production by introducing our feed processing plant in the near future.

For potential investors, we offer specific opportunities in fish feed processing, expanding into farming other aquatic species, improving transportation and distribution channels, and investing in training and capacity building programs for fish farming.

Join us at R&B Farms Limited as we work towards sustainable aquaculture practices and economic development in our community and beyond.

Contribute to narrowing down the fish demand and supply gap deficit in Ghana, West African sub-region, and the Africa diaspora communities in North America and Europe by improving traditional production and efficiency.

Become a leader in the fish farming business and to lead in pure organic and sustainable fish production in the country.

  • Organic – practice pollution-free and sustainable farming in a humane manner.
  • Sustainability – a commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Quality – make every effort to raise healthy fish (quality feed and water) and taking care not to cause damage to local, natural ecosystems.
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